The Market Basket Program and the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

The Market Basket Program is the overarching program at the Cafe that makes the link between local farms and local kitchens and families possible.

The Market Basket portion operates 52 weeks a year, requires no membership fee and is pay-as-you-go. As members in this email-based program, you can order farm fresh eggs, pasture-raised chickens and turkeys (whole or in parts), pork, grass-fed beef, lamb, sausages (chicken, turkey and pork), hydroponic greens, milk and dairy (including yogurt and ice cream), and prepared soups and baked goods from the Cafe. All items are from local farms, grown and raised in sustainable conditions (the complete list is at the bottom of this page). If members wish to order on a given week, they simply “Reply” to the email and we add their requests to our regular orders with our farmers. Orders are available for pick up on Saturday mornings for orders that were placed no later than the Sunday before.

Note: A Cook’s Cafe salad dressings are now available by the bottle for $4.25.

To receive these weekly order sheets, simply send an email to Craig at and specify Market Basket and you are enrolled in the best program to find sustainable, local products for your home kitchen.

Update: Concerning the 2016 Season, A Cook’s Cafe will no longer be offering a produce CSA. The reasons for this (after 10 years of hosting a CSA) are long and detailed, and I will offer an explanation on this decision in the coming days. We will continue our Market Basket Program offering eggs, meats and dairy products on a pre-order basis. There will be an expanded produce offering on the weekly Market Basket Order sheet.

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) hosted by the Cafe is the premier program in the for providing weekly, certified organic produce during the growing and harvest season to our local families. A Cook’s Cafe is pleased to announce that for the fourth year, One Straw Farm from Whitehall, Maryland is our provider.

Produce distributions are a 24 week season beginning in early June and ending the weekend before Thanksgiving. The are available in full share (family of 3-4), or by half share (for 1-2). Produce shares are abundant and varied, and available by subscription only. If purchased before March 7, Early Discounts are available: full share is $775, half share is $425. It should be noted that this is the first year that half shares will be available — big thanks to Joan at One Straw!)

Pick Ups for the CSA are on Saturday morning between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Bring your own bag(s). The produce is arranged in the Cafe in bins and crates with signs on each container that indicates how much of each item is to be taken for your share. Locally produced breads, flowers and other items are available on site for purchase each week.

So it is possible to do your grocery shopping each week by using the CSA and Market Basket (you still have to get your laundry detergent elsewhere!)

For more information about the CSA, or to enroll, please call the Cafe at 410 266 1511 or email

The following is a sample order form for the Market Basket Program.


Order By Price Order
Extra Large Brown Dozen $4.35/ doz
Whole Broiler 3 to 5 lbs Each $4.50/ lb
Boneless Skinless Breast(Double Lobed, Tenderloin Attached) Size Varies Pound $9.95/ lb
Backs and Ribs For Stock Pound $2.50/ lb
Wings Pound $3.75/ lb
Drumsticks Pound $3.75/ lb
Thighs Pound $3.75/ lb
Livers Pound $4.50/ lb
Fresh Spinach and Feta 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
White Wine, Garlic, Lemon, and Parsley 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Sundried Tomato and Basil 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Buffalo and Bleu Cheese (Spicy) 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Boneless Breast (Double Lobed) 5 to 7 lbs Each $6.25/ lb
Bone-In Breast (Double Lobed) 5 to 7 lbs Each $5.00/ lb
Ground Turkey Pound $5.75/ lb
Sage Breakfast Links 8 links (1.00 lb) Pound $8.25/lb
Apple 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Andouille 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Chorizo 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Garlic 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Kielbasa 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Bratwurst 4 links (1.25 lbs) Pound $8.25/lb
Smoked Bacon Sliced Pound $8.75/ lb
Whole Fresh Ham (Bone-In) 15 to 20 lbs Each $4.25/ lb
Whole Smoked Ham 15 to 20 lbs Each $5.75 lb
Whole Pork Loin (Boneless) 13 to 15 lbs Each $7.25/ lb
Family Size Fresh Pork Roast 5 lbs Pound(minimum 5 lbs) $7.25/ lb
Family Size Pork Loin (Boneless) 5 lbs Pound(minimum 5 lbs) $7.25/ lb
Family Size Pork Loin (Bone-In) Pound(minimum 5 lbs) $7.25/ lb
Pork Tenderloin 1 lb Each $14.75/lb
Pork Chops ¾ inch Each $7.25/ lb
Sausage Links Pound $7.50/ lb
Italian Sausage Pound $7.50/ lb
Bratwurst Pound $7.50/ lb
Ground Pork Pound $5.75/ lb
Pork Spare Ribs Pound $6.75/ lb
Pork Tender Baby-back Ribs Pound $9.75/ lb
Ground Beef Pound $5.75/ lb
Steak Burgers Mike’s Custom Pound $9.99
Tenderloin:  Whole, Peeled Approx. 5 lbs Each $29.25/lb
Porterhouse ¾ inch Each $19.50/lb
Flank Steak Approx. 3 lbs Each $14.99 lb
Beef Stew Meat Pound $8.50/ lb
Beef Short Ribs Pound $7.25/ lb
T-Bone Steak Pound $24.99
NY Strip Pound $29.99
Custom Cut Tenderloin Steak Pound $39.99
Tenderloin Medallions 2-3 ounce portions Pound $16.99
Ribeye Steak Pound $26.99
Delmonico Steak Pound $26.99
Cowboy Steak Pound $21.99
Cowboy Steak (Frenched) Pound $23.99
Prime Standing Rib Roast Pound $19.99
Prime Rib Roast (Frenched) Pound $21.99
Top Sirloin Steak Pound $14.99
Coulotte Steak-Top Butt Cap Pound $14.99
Skirt Steak Pound $13.99
Tri-tip Roast Pound $10.99
Leg, Bone-In Each $9.50/ lb
Rack Each $21.50/ lb
Half Gallon Milk Whole Each $4.00
Half Gallon Milk 2% Each $4.00
Half Gallon Milk Nonfat Each $4.00
Half Gallon Milk Chocolate Each $5.00
Quart Milk Whole Each $2.75
Quart Milk 2% Each $2.75
Quart Milk Nonfat Each $2.75
Quart Milk Chocolate Each $3.50
Quart Half and Half Each $3.75
Quart Heavy Cream Each $7.25
Quart Buttermilk Each $3.50
Unsalted Butter Pound Tub Each $6.75
Cheese Farmers 1 Pound $10.00
Cheese Cheddar 1 Pound $10.00
Cheese Baby Swiss 1 Pound $10.00
Red Skin Potatoes Pound $2.20
Yukon Gold Potatoes Pound $2.00
Red Cabbage Pound $2.00
Green Cabbage Pound $2.00
Lettuce Blend ½ pound $8.00
Arugula ½ pound $8.00
Sweet Onions Pound $2.90
Butternut Squash Pound $2.30
Acorn Squash Pound $4.50
Red Russian Kale Pound $9.30
Mizuna Pound $8.50
Baby Spinach ½ Pound $8.25
Sweet Potatoes (Large) Pound $1.50
Turnips Pound $2.70
Baby Carrots Pound $7.50
Sunchokes Pound $4.00
Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon 6 oz portion each $9.50
Mahi-Mahi 6 oz portion each $10.50 Temp Out
Ahi Tuna 6 oz portion each $9.50
Halibut 6 oz portion each $12.50
Pate Pacifica 10 oz portion Each $24.95
Caramelized Tomato Quart $13.50
Chicken with Fall Vegetables Quart $13.50
Turkey Chili Quart $13.50
White Chicken Chili Quart $13.50
Blueberry Coffeecake $7.95
Oatmeal Scones $7.50