A Cook’s Cafe is located in Annapolis Commerce Park, an office park located one block north of Bestgate Road across from Annapolis Westfield Mall. The first thing one thinks when coming here for the first time is “Why would anyone in their right mind put a restaurant way back here?” A question I have asked myself a time or two over the 13 years I have been at this out-of-the-way location. I will say this, however, no one ever just accidentally comes here. A customer has made the conscious decision to come here and is therefore a quality customer from the moment they walk in our door. It is often not convenient to buy local and shop at local businesses. We want to make that choice a good one for you, by offering you quality foods to eat in or take home or to the office, by offering cooking instruction, by catering your office or personal events, or by enabling you to buy local, sustainable ingredients to use in your own kitchen.

Our credo is from Wendall Berry, “How we eat, determines how the earth is used.” We attempt to make the earth a better place one kitchen at a time.


The easiest way to find A Cook’s Cafe is to make a turn on Research Drive off of Bestgate Road. If you are coming from downtown Annapolis, Research Drive is the last stoplight before you would reach the intersection of General’s Highway and Bestgate. If you are coming from that intersection of Bestgate and Generals Highway, then Research Drive is the first stoplight. The intersection of Research Drive and Bestgate Road is the stoplight directly in front of Crate and Barrel at the Mall.

Heading away from the Mall on Research after turning off of Bestgate, you will be entering the Office Park. You may notice my sign on your right as you drive in. The office building of 900 Bestgate is at the intersection, you will pass this 4 story building. After traveling approximately 1/2 a block, you will be entering the Office Park and will see directly in front of you that Enterprise Rent-a-Car has a sign on the back of the building that I am in. Simply go around to the front of that building, turn right, and the Cafe is two doors from Enterprise.

Believe me, it is easier than it sounds. And the second time is easier than the first. For more directions, call 410 266 1511. We will be glad to help you.